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If there is one insect that could be described as a single destructive force in nature, it would be the subterranean termite. While termites can’t destroy your home over night as other destructive forces can, left unattended for 1 to 2 years they can cause extensive damage to your home necessitating costly repairs. Since termites can often enter a structure unnoticed the homeowner may be unaware of the infestation until these repairs are necessary.

Termites that reside in this part of the United States are a subterranean species that need a link or direct contact to the soil. They construct a shelter tube when traveling above the soil level to reach the wooden members of structures. Termites are responsible for millions of dollars of damage to homes each year. They are pale yellow in color and about 1/8 inch long. In the spring and early summer the termite colony produces a swarm of winged insects that are dark in color and including wings are about 3/8 inch long.

Sometimes the only indication that a structure is infested is during a termite swarm. Termite swarms usually occur in the spring. During a termite swarm, hundreds of insects will leave the colony and swarm out looking for mates. This can happen inside the structure itself or outside around an infested structure. Swarming termites resemble winged ants but can be identified by some distinctive differences in there body structure. Look at the illustrations on this page to determine which insect you have. If your not certain, call our office and we will be happy to assist you.

Your home should be inspected for termites at least once per year. At Alert One, we offer low cost termite inspections performed by technicians licensed in both Kansas and Missouri in the categories of wood destroying insects.

Your home can be protected from termites using a liquid treatment to the substructure, a bait station treatment around the perimeter of the structure or a combination of both treatments. Your technician will determine the best plan of action for you and prescribe a treatment.

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