Summer is coming to a close and that means mosquitos are coming out and breeding. We have compiled the best preventative measures you can take to keep mosquitos away from your home.

Prevent Indoor Mosquitoes

Step one is to avoid leaving doors open. An open door to you is an open door to a mosquito. If you need to keep your mudroom or garage door open but are concerned about bugs flying in, consider setting up a cooling fan. Fans can be helpful in smaller spaces as they circulate air and confuse mosquitoes.

Check & Repair All Screens

Even if you fixed your screens last summer, it’s always good practice to check that no tears or holes developed over the winter. That means screen doors and windows!
Drain standing water in your home.
Mosquitoes lay their eggs around standing water, particularly water sitting for a few days. It doesn’t take much water, nor does it take much time for them to develop. Check that your sinks and indoor planters are draining properly. Clean and disinfect your pet’s water bowl frequently, or switch to a pet fountain that keeps the water moving.

Get Rid of Mosquitoes Outside

Getting rid of mosquitoes outside is a hard task. Instead, prevention is a better goal than to cure. You can take plenty of steps to limit their infringement on your yard or picnic. The American Mosquito Control Association uses the three D’s: drain, dress, and defend.

Drain any standing water outside, too. Mosquitoes lay their eggs on the edges of standing water, and those eggs can survive drying out for up to eight months. If water eventually covers them again, they will hatch. Say you have an old tire holding sprinkler water in your yard, and mosquitoes lay their eggs. Even if the tire dries up, the next time it is sprinkled with water, those eggs will hatch and grow into adults. You might not mind getting rid of an old tire, but there are many breeding grounds in your yard to scrub or drain as a preventative measure. Dump water from buckets, flower pots, tarps, wheelbarrows, tires, etc. If possible, turn over or cover them so they can’t collect more water. Clean bird baths, kiddie pools, and dog bowls regularly and drain them when they’re not in use. Some breeding sites, like tree stumps, can’t be dumped or drained, and require filling instead. Clear debris from the gutters around your home once a week to ensure they are draining water properly. Make sure your lawn has proper drainage because moist mud or over-watered grass can become a breeding spot.

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