It is no secret that the subterranean termites have gone down in history as a destructive force of nature. These pesky insects often invade homes without the knowledge of the homeowner. Because these pests go unnoticed for long periods of time, keeping a lookout for the signs is vital to maintaining your home.

The Problem with Termites

Termites that reside in this part of the United States are a subterranean species that need a link or direct contact with the soil. They construct a shelter tube when traveling above the soil level to reach the wooden members of structures. Termites are responsible for millions of dollars of damage to homes each year. When gone unnoticed they can create extensive damage resulting in costly repairs to your home. Oftentimes this takes the termites only a couple of years of going unnoticed to accomplish. They are pale yellow in color and about 1/8 inch long. In the spring and early summer, the termite colony produces a swarm of winged insects that are dark in color and include wings that are about 3/8 inch long.

Winged Ants vs. Winged Termites

Swarming termites resemble winged ants but can be identified by some distinctive differences in their body structure. Winged ants have elbowed antennae, a pinched waist, and unequal wing length. Winged termites have straight antennae, a thick waist, and equal wing length.

Signs of Termites

Sometimes the only indication that a structure is infested is during a termite swarm. Termite swarms usually occur in the spring. During a termite swarm, hundreds of insects will leave the colony and swarm out looking for mates. This can happen inside the structure itself or outside around an infested structure.

Contact Alert One Pest Control

Your home should be regularly checked for termites at least once per year. Alert One offers low-cost termite inspections performed by experienced technicians licensed in both Kansas and Missouri. We can protect your home from termites using a liquid treatment to the substructure, a bait station treatment around the perimeter of the structure, or a combination of both. Our experienced technicians will determine which is the best solution for your needs. If you think your home may have been invaded with termites call us now at (417) 624-5144.