Carpenter bees are large sturdy bees often mistaken for bumblebees. They burrow symmetrically perfect 5/8 inch holes in to wood to create their nests. Male carpenter bees often fly around or hover near the nest in an attempt to protect it. They are mostly harmless due to lack of a stinger. Females do possess a stinger but are docile and rarely sting unless provoked.

Why Get Rid of Carpenter Bees

The main concern with carpenter bees is the damage they create when they make their nests. They typically make a new hole everytime they nest so if they come back year after year they can destroy decks and roofs with ease.

Since Spring is finally here in Missouri, carpenter bees are on the rise. We have gathered a few facts about carpenter bees to help you understand these little pests and to learn the best way to rid your home of them.

Facts About Carpenter Bees

Usually, carpenter bees bore into the wood of structures like decks, wooden furniture, playsets, and porches, where they create tunnels for nesting and general protection.  Most of the time, these tunnel openings are around one to two inches deep, just enough for them to fit their bodies through the entrance. Then, the tunnel takes a sharp right turn, following the wood grain for about half a foot. After tunneling, carpenter bees leave behind a fine sawdust-like material called frass.

Though it’s easy to confuse the two, carpenter bees and bumblebees vary in appearance. While carpenter bees have mostly black, bare, and shiny bodies, bumblebees have hairy abdomens with brighter yellow markings. Adult carpenter bees hibernate during the winter, usually in old empty nests. They then make their presence known in the warmth of spring, which is why they seem to suddenly appear when you’ve almost forgotten about them. Female carpenter bees have stingers like bumblebees but aren’t aggressive at all. Because of this, they’ll only sting if highly provoked. They are a great threat to the stability and quality of your property.

Locating and Getting Rid of Carpenter Bees

There are a few easy to tell signs of a carpenter bee infestation.

If you see any of these signs, you are most likely dealing with a carpenter bee infestation:

  • Entrance holes around 1/2 inch in diameter in wooden structures such as the railings of your porch
  • Sawdust left behind near drilled holes
  • Visible pollen or bee excrement left behind near the openings in the wood
  • Actual carpenter bees hovering around your house

It’s not impossible to get rid of carpenter bees.

If you’re dealing with a carpenter bee infestation, Alert One Pest Control can help! Even though it can be stressful to manage any damage caused by carpenter bees, early detection and professional guidance are necessary in keeping damages to a minimum.

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